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High Integrity Stable Leads The Secret Lead Generation Strategy Lead Boosting

"Having consistent high-integrity lead-flow will boost any revenue and business model."

FACT: All businesses want better leads non-timewasting prospects who are actually interested in their product or service.


FACT: Try the Shockwave Digital Omnichannel Marketing Package "SWD-O-Pac"


Let me tell you about a recent use and success story of the SWD-O-Pac...and revealing the Secret Lead Generation Strategy Lead Boosting


Uber Cash & Loans is a lending company operating in a highly active and dynamic industry. Their business is susceptible to fluctuations in demand due to changing market patterns and current demand for capital requests from businesses needing funding. As a loan broker, they face challenges in stabilizing their inbound sales and accurately forecasting their business needs in a highly competitive and unpredictable market.


Before partnering with Shockwave Digital, Uber Cash & Loans struggled to maintain consistent lead flow due to the unpredictability of demand and the impact of current events on various advertising platforms. They recognized the need for a marketing approach that could provide stability and resilience during challenging times while maximizing their return on investment. Shockwave Digital devised a comprehensive omnichannel marketing strategy for Uber Cash & Loans.


The approach involved diversifying their marketing efforts across multiple platforms, including SEO, print, Google Ads (Search and Local Services Ads), Facebook Ads, Ground Truth Ads, and more. This approach allowed them to reach their target audience through various touchpoints and adapt to the changing market conditions.


The implementation of Shockwave Digital’s omnichannel marketing strategy brought remarkable success to Uber Cash & Loans in the first half of 2023. Notably, their Search campaigns achieved outstanding results, with a 25.8% increase in conversions, a substantial 26.1% boost in the conversion rate, a 26.5% reduction in the cost per conversion, and a 7.3% decrease in the cost per click. These successes not only allowed them to achieve more with less spending but also paved the way for exploring other platforms without financial constraints.


By maintaining a consistent presence across various online channels, Uber Cash & Loans has gained a competitive edge, ensuring they remain visible to potential customers regardless of how they choose a potential loan provider. With their marketing approach now extending beyond Search, they are better equipped to weather the storm of fluctuating demand and external factors. Stabilized inbound sales and reduced vulnerability to market shifts have become a reality, bolstering the company’s revenue and securing its position in the market.


Shockwave Digital’s omnichannel marketing approach has proven to be a game-changer for Uber Cash & Loans, revolutionizing their business outlook and fortifying their presence in the business capital industry. The exceptional results achieved in the first half of 2023 demonstrate the power of an adaptive and diversified marketing strategy in driving business growth and success. See more info on how we did with Uber Cash & Loans in just the first 30 days of launching their lead generation campaign here.


If you would like to know more about the Shockwave Digital OM Package, and how we can implement it for your business, we have one more tip, or even a shortcut if you will. Call Shockwave Digital Agency 866-768-3007 or book a free consultation with one of our experts and we can get you going with a rock-solid marketing package to slide right into 2024.


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