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How We Got This Small Business Lender 150 Leads In 30 Days

Uber Cash Loans, loan request. - Actual Shockwave Agency Client

Uber Cash & Loans is a small business lender and alternative finance provider. They help small growing; start-up and various businesses get the capital they need for growth and operational cost. Uber Cash, a new financial loan company, came to Shockwave Digital Agency with the objective of increasing their small business leads, and loan applications by 250% by Q1 2024. In reality, they’re loan application requests website lacked clear messaging and calls-to-action.

This resulted in many missed opportunities of qualifying inquires. With only a sparse radio ads campaign to generate loan requests, Uber Cash came to Shockwave Digital with several objectives in mind. They wanted to increase brand recognition and generate more small business loan leads within key states to increase revenue.

The Shockwave team built them a new high-impact landing page. 100% full stack, enticing potential loan capital seekers to inquire about loan services. We highlighted all the flexible loan benefits of working with Uber Cash, and clear, direct-calls-to-action, with more clear and concise messaging. Shockwave launched strategic digital marketing campaigns including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, an SMS campaign, and optimized organic social connect efforts.

In a 30-day period, the Shockwave Digital marketing strategy generated over 150 new loan application leads, which resulted in over 20 successfully funded small business loans for Uber Cash.

If your business can use a boost in sales, quality leads and or overall, more brand engagement. Connect with the SWD Agency team today and let's make an impact for your business together. - 866-768-3007


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