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Part 2 of Monder 2024 Digital Marketing

Hopefully you have had a chance to soak up Part 1 of this special two-part issue of our newsletter Shock Factor.

In case you missed it see part one here.

Part 2 - The Deep-Dive

Ways to know it's time for a techno 5 of them!

Novice team members inquiring on your current technology: Bringing in new talent, whether through growth or backfill, gives you a glimpse into the technology being used in other companies and can help avoid the "we've always done it this way" mentality. If your new hires are asking for apps or questioning why your team is not using a certain technology, listen to them and use their feedback to question the status quo.

Decreased productivity and poor sales performance: Outdated systems often come with cumbersome processes that impede a team's productivity. If your team is spending excessive time on administrative tasks rather than valuable customer interactions or prospect engagements, it may be time to update your strategies and/or tech stack.

Less than ideal customer experiences: If you notice a persistent drop in your customer satisfaction ratings or feedback, it's an indication that current strategies, and possibly tools, are not meeting customer expectations. Many modern tools offer various ways to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Unusually low integrations: The most efficient marking and technology solutions are those that seamlessly integrate with other tools, streamlining your workflows and increasing efficiency while supporting your business's capability to grow, scale and change. For example, if your CRM doesn't integrate well with other tools, it's undoubtedly a sign of an outdated system.

Let go of manual data entry: Relying on manual data entry in your sales processes not only heightens the potential for errors but also diminishes overall efficiency. If your existing system heavily depends on manual data input, rather than automation and calculated fields, it may be prudent to contemplate an upgrade.

Update your strategies!

Rather than hastily adopting quick fixes, success hinges on a purposeful, methodical approach to change. Here's a concise roadmap to help navigate this process:

Assessing and benchmarking: Start with a comprehensive assessment of your current tech stack, strategies, and processes, benchmarking your performance against industry standards. Analyze customer feedback for insights into areas needing improvement. And, additionally, scrutinize any sales drop-offs for valuable insights beyond customer feedback. Once you've pinpointed the key issues that require attention, you can develop a clear and actionable plan to achieve the desired results.

Understanding emerging technologies and trends: Research the latest emerging technologies and industry trends, including taking a look at your competitors' advancements, to assess market positioning. This information can help you make informed decisions about which tools and strategies you need to adopt or incorporate into revising the technology that supports your playbook.

Choose the proper technology for your unique business: Not all technologies (or CRMs) will be suitable for your specific needs. Take time to identify the solutions that align with your business goals and customer expectations while addressing pain points within your organization's strategy. This means keeping a strong focus on understanding your customers' needs and finding ways to consistently exceed their expectations with the support of innovative technology.

Skill advancement, training and execution: Investing in proper training for a sales or marketing team is critical to realizing the full potential of chosen tools. Remember to stay vigilant in regularly evaluating the performance, capabilities and strategies your company uses, particularly when it comes to the effectiveness of systems in play, to engage your target audience and provide value.

Sound like a lot? Its ok, because we have one more tip, or even a shortcut if you will. Call us 866-768-3007 Shockwave Digital Agency. Book a free consultation with one of our experts and we can get you going with a rock-solid mar-tech plan to slide right into 2024.


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