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Affordable Digital Marketing Strategies $250 AD-Challenge Shockwave Digital

Affordable digital marketing.  $250 Shockwave AD challenge.

You read that right, and now it's time to clarify. If you can use more customers, have not tried us out yet, and want to see results with a risk-free AD and marketing opportunity, then our $250 AD challenge is for you.

How it works: You let the Shockwave Agency Ad Team design and promote 1 AD for your business for 30 or 60 Days. Any product, any service, any industry, with a few exceptions. More than likely if you're receiving this newsletter, you are not one of them, so add this to your affordable digital marketing strategies.

Results: If you don't get at least 5 strong prospects or 1 conversion your AD is free.

If your service or product is less than $250, then you get 60 days for the AD to run. If you don't get at least 10 strong prospects or 5 conversions, your AD is free.

Now that is a great deal! If you are happy with Shockwave Digital's work, keep the ad and use as you see fi, or we can keep running it for you. No risk, no catch. So, sign up now and let's talk about your ad and brand. Our team is here to help you accelerate your marketing.

Feel free to give us a call 866-768-3007 or simply fill out our contact form and request the $250 AD Challenge.


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